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Ayurvedic Massage


Ayurveda is a 4000 year old philosophy of health with its roots in India, and it encompasses massage as a wellness treatment. In Ayurvedic philosophy we each have an individual constitution or ‘dosha’ which is with us from birth and can become unbalanced due to internal or external factors such as stress. Ayurvedic massage aims to address imbalances and bring us back into harmony. A treatment begins with a consultation to establish your dosha and any current imbalances. Techniques and oils are then selected accordingly.  The oil is gently warmed and Marma points (vital points) are massaged to release blocks and encourage energy flow.

Marma Abhyanga: Ayurvedic Energy Flow Massage

A deeply relaxing, nourishing and rejuvenating full body massage using warm oil specific to your dosha or constitution. The treatment releases tension by working on Marma (vital) points throughout the body to balance energy and restore harmony.

Pinda Sweda: Warm Compress Massage

A strengthening, nourishing and revitalising full body massage using a compress containing therapeutic Ayurvedic herbs which is warmed with oil specific to your dosha (constitution) and applied to the body using an Ayurvedic technique known as pummelling to leave you feeling refreshed and restored.

Mukhabhyanga: Pure Radiance Ayurvedic Face Massage

Working on the face, neck and head, Mukhabyanga is a traditional Ayurvedic procedure for a natural face lift. Firm pressure lifts facial muscles leaving a youthful glow while massage with warmed oil to Marma  (vital) points increases energy flow and is also beneficial for problem lines.

Padabhyanga: Ayurvedic Lower Leg and Foot Massage

A de-stressing and relaxing traditional Ayurvedic foot and leg treatment which starts with firm massage of the lower leg used warmed oil followed by manipulating Marma (vital) points on the sole of the foot using deep pressure techniques. Good for: after a flight; relaxation; vitality; blood circulation; general overall well-being from carrying bodyweight all day; mums-to-be.

Udvartana: Ayurvedic Detox / Exfoliation Massage

During this cleansing treatment, specific ground Ayurvedic herbs are vigorously rubbed over the body to help draw out impurities and reduce water retention. The natural ingredients also exfoliate, leaving a lovely glow to the skin. Good for: exfoliation; cleansing skin; poor blood circulation; cellulite.


Katie Chester

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