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Pregnancy Massage Wheatley
Pregnancy Massage


The origins of pregnancy massage are rooted much more in care within the extended family than a form of treatment.  The clinicising of pregnancy and the birth process is a very recent Western innovation and ironically is coincidental with falling fertility and birth rates. Throughout most of the world, pregnancy is managed naturally in the home, where aches and pains can be taken care of simply by the family.


There are a variety of reasons why a mum would want or need a massage in pregnancy and not all to do with the pregnancy.  A woman who is still working or exercising and currently has massage regularly will need her usual aches and pains dealt with.  For other, pregnancy is the reason for needing the massage. 



  • A safe and comprehensive massage treatment for the whole body

  • A luxuriant period of relaxation for the mind, with the feet up

  • Relief from muscle tension caused by softening of the joints and an increase in weight

  • Relief from excess fluid retained in the limbs



Emily Whitehall

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