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Nina Galley

“Supporting women in mid-life to reclaim their power by taking control of their health and wellbeing”


Hello and welcome,

I’m Nina, a nutritional and wellbeing therapist specialising in peri-menopause and menopause. I help women in midlife to reclaim their power by taking ownership of their health and wellbeing. Shifting disempowering feelings of confusion, overwhelm, and being “past it” to empowering feelings of clarity, confidence, vitality and wellbeing – able to enjoy life on their terms.

I create personalised 1:1 health and wellbeing programmes and run nourishing retreats.

With my personalised 12 week 1:1 programme I dig deeper, getting to the root cause of what’s going on for you, identifying blocks and changing behavioural patterns, together we create step by step, achievable targets and I hold you accountable to your vision of wellbeing. I use a unique holistic fusion of Nutritional Therapy, NLP and coaching techniques and analysis of whole body systems (nervous, endocrine, digestive, etc) to support you. Working with nature, and with what is, I give you the knowledge needed to feel confident in your choices, whatever life throws at you.

Included in this programme:

•   In depth personalised expert assessment of your food and lifestyle choices 

•   1 deep dive session (75 minutes)

•   Personalised starter plan

•   Starter session (30 minutes)

•   Biweekly coaching sessions (45 minutes x 5)

•   Biweekly email check in

•   Unlimited email support

•   Recipe guides

•   Guides to optimising your wellbeing

For a no obligation introductory call please contact me.

I found by listening to my own body’s wisdom and treating myself according to my knowledge of natural health, nutrition and a balanced lifestyle I have and continue to transform my own wellbeing.  Read more about my story:

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