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Chinese Herbal Medicine


Chinese herbal medicine has been used successfully for centuries to treat a wide range of medical problems, and it is still an integral part of the mainstream health system in China today.  Like acupuncture, it focuses on the root cause of the problem as well as the presenting symptoms, offering a ‘whole body’ approach to wellness - from the inside out. 


There are many conditions that can benefit from Chinese herbal formulae.  It is a powerful and effective treatment and can be used alone or alongside acupuncture.  It is a holistic medicine and has a totally different way of looking at the body than conventional medicine.  It takes into account the entire body – both the physical and emotional aspect of a person and looks to understand how an illness or problem is impacting the entire system.  People often present with multiple problems, or a variety of symptoms and the diagnostic procedure that is used for Chinese medicine is highly effective at understanding the links between all the different symptoms and providing an effective treatment to heal the entire body.


If you are interested in the growing, scientific evidence base supporting the efficacy of Chinese medicine, please see the Register of Chinese Medicine’s Research Page.  Members of the Register of Chinese Medicine adhere to a strict professional and ethical code of conduct, which ensures the safety and ethical sourcing of the Chinese herbal medicines that are used.



Lucy Arad

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