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Sarah Turton




Sarah is qualified as both a Master Medicinal Herbalist and Iridologist.

Iridology is a diagnostic method that analyses your eyes to understand what is happening in your body in specific detail. It is an early warning system that identifies imbalance, dis-harmony, and weaknesses in your system. The markings or signs in your iris indicate the condition of the organs and systems of your body.  Your constitutional strength, areas of congestion, and inherent strengths and weaknesses can be identified. Crucially, this method can be used to highlight issues at an early stage, thus preventing illness developing. 


Examples that can be identified with iridology and successfully treated with herbal medicine include problems with the immune system, digestive issues, food sensitivities, skin conditions, endocrine issues, energy, vitality and lifeforce challenges, hormonal imbalances (eg menopause struggles), many more. 


After the diagnosis stage of the consultation, Sarah would then treat you with herbal formulas such as tinctures, infusions, and capsules. All treatments are prepared by Sarah specifically for you using an individualised and personal approach.  (For example, a typical bowel capsule contains 12 different herbs, and a typical tincture contains 15 herbs).  


Sarah’s approach is integrative, holistic, and vitalistic and treats your mind/body/energetic parts as a combined system rather than as separate parts, bringing you back into balance, thus restoring natural health and vitality.

Pricing available upon request.

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