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Demelza Hawes




Wellmind Psychotherapy HG Dip. P


My purpose is to help you to help yourself. The Human Givens approach is an holistic one, that helps those struggling with mental or emotional difficulties.

We all have essential physical and mental needs (Human Givens) which need to be meet in a balanced way using our innate resources. Often times we just don’t know about these needs or how to use what skills we already have to help us meet them.

By way of education and therefore understanding, I can help you to heal and face life’s challenges. I can coach you through difficulties and unhelpful, disabling behaviours. Conditions such as negative self-talk, performance anxiety, anxiety inducing panic attacks, PTSD, depression, phobias, stress and addictions, can all be looked into.

Call or email to organise a free 15 minute phone/zoom consultation

About Demelza

Demelza has a countryside background, growing up and continuing to live on a working farm. She understands the struggles that can be associated with living and working within the rural community.

Equestrian competition and coaching have taken Demelza around the world, she is very open minded and non-judgemental in her approach to all and whomsoever she meets.

Demelza is a Yoga teacher and coach therefore offers a truly holistic and all-round view point when dealing with challenges. A life time in sports both as a performer and coach has proven to Demelza that the body mind link is very much present and can be utilised in the approach to wellness.

Life experiences have led Demelza to acknowledge that change is both a positive and possible, while personal growth and betterment is always attainable.

Your Yoga

Demelza also offers one to one Yoga consultations and plans. Being a Yoga Sports Science (TM) coach she is well equipped to look at all range of sports people and the individual as a whole.

Whether rehabbing from injury or aiming for enhanced performance or a more comfortable body, Demelza can listen to your goals and design and plan to fit you.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you feel I can help you. A no obligation chat is available for either service:    07811 767578

07811 767578

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