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Susan Lee

MBACP MA BSc (Hons), RGN, Pg Dip


Individual and Relationship Counselling

Life is about being & becoming’ - Carl Rogers


I am a qualified individual and relationship counsellor and have worked for the NHS as a registered nurse for over thirty years. I have had many years of experience working as an individual counsellor for MIND and then later with Relate when I trained as a couples therapist. I believe that there is value in talking to someone who has the training and experience to listen in a way that allows you to be fully understood.

My work for the NHS in sexual health prompted me to undertake additional training as a psychosexual therapist which is part of my ongoing professional development. Psychosexual counselling is a talking therapy to support individuals or couples with issues such as difficulties with intimacy, uncomfortable sex or unreliable erections. Clearly, exploring such private elements of our lives takes a lot of courage and it sometimes seems easier to put our intimate lives on hold.

Taking the first step in dealing with a problem is sometimes the most difficult. I can offer a safe, confidential space to explore your concerns and to work with you towards a way forward. I believe that we all have the answers within ourselves to our most fundamental questions or problems and that space and time with someone we trust can help to unravel the knots. Contact me, initially via email and I will endeavour to see you for an introductory appointment as soon as possible. This will be an opportunity for you to explain what is troubling you and for me to explain how I work.

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