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Reiki Wheatley


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Valerie Anne Dawson

Reiki Master                    





20 years’ experience and professionally qualified in several therapies I approach each client holistically with special attention to their presenting symptom as well as any underlying problem that could be the cause. I believe natural healing is helped with good intention, unconditional love and positive thoughts. These motives together with my professional knowledge and experience have proven amazing responses and profound changes in general health and lifestyle.


As a volunteer I enjoyed 4 years at Stoke Mandeville Hospital working with cancer patients which inspired and helped me believe in what I do.


For 1 year I studied and treated in a London Reflexology Clinic for children and have since organised fun workshops for parents and carers supporting children with disabilities and special needs. I can honestly say that I love what I do and truly look forward to going to work!


Forever motivated I continue to study and research as much as possible, attending workshops and seminars to gain more knowledge and maintain professional standards.


Please understand that my Therapies must never be misinterpreted as medical treatments, because I am not qualified to diagnose or practice medicine.


As all my therapies seem to intuitively roll into one treatment I would like to offer sessions on a preferred time basis. Therefore bookings will be charged on the length of time taken for each treatment:


40 minutes @ £40.00

60 minutes @ £50.00

90 minutes @ £60.00

  2 hours    @ £80.00


Special discount offered when booking four consecutive sessions

4 x 40 minutes @ £145.00

4 x 60 minutes @ £180.00


First session requires an extra 20 minutes to discuss presenting symptoms and completing a consultation form.


Please consider 48 hours’ notice if you need to cancel as this will avoid disappointment for anyone who could take your appointment and the cost of a cancellation charge.  Thank you.


ITEC Qualified/CThA member

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