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Sally Hobbs



Naturopathy is a system of primary healthcare which works with the individual’s efforts towards the optimal expression of health - physiological, physical and psychological. I graduated from the College of Osteopaths in 1991, and since then have continued learning both through structured courses and private study.

The modalities I bring to helping people to heal are:



Stretching and relaxing muscles, restoring movement and removing fascial restriction restores normal function to the body. Massage has a profound physical and mental/emotional effect on a person, removing tension, aches and pains, increasing circulation, easing trigger points in muscle and promoting good sleep. I think everybody should have regular, good massage as part of a general health programme along with good food and exercise.


Body manipulation consists of taking the joint gently through its full range of movement to increase the movement towards its normal range. This is done within a treatment programme and is part and parcel of bodywork along with massage. The legs, arms, head etc are moved rhythmically and stretches and releases applied at the same time. The treatment is varied according to the needs of the individual. Sometimes short thrusts are used to restore movement to joints; this sometimes results in a click caused by the release of the joint and is not harmful.

Nutritional Therapy

Food is full of the nutrients we need for optimal health but eating for health has become complicated. Time pressures and the fast food lifestyle often means we don’t get the nutrients we need and in the right quantities and health begins to suffer. Confusing marketing and journalistic messages mean it’s hard to strike the right balance.

Working together with the client I can help you find the right balance.

In a nutritional consultation I will take a full medical, family and lifestyle history, assess the patient’s lifestyle and diet. Sometimes I might feel it would be helpful to order functional laboratory tests in order to find out if there are any nutritional deficiencies.

These tests might include assessments of digestive function, hormone levels, thyroid function, digestive function, organic acid analysis, blood chemistries etc. After interpretation of the history and tests I will put together a dietary and lifestyle plan, tailored to the individual. This will include a diet plan, lifestyle adjustments and supplements where they are indicated.

Cranio-sacral therapy is a very gentle holding technique using light touch that can achieve relaxation and release. The body is gently held for a few minutes at a time, and touch can be applied to the head, but also to other parts of the body. It’s a cradling technique and is used to ‘listen’ to the body and support it through releases. Cranio-sacral therapy aids your body’s ability to balance, restore and heal itself and, because it is very gentle, it is suitable for everybody, including babies.



During a consultation I will take a full medical history, including lifestyle and family history. I will also do a physical examination to assess movement and the structure of the client. This may include examination of breathing, blood pressure, nervous system, skin etc. The patient will be asked to undress down to their underwear to aid examination and treatment. A companion can be brought along to the session if desired.

The first consultation, examination and treatment can take up to an hour, subsequent treatments will usually be half an hour.

After treatment, advice about activity will be given if necessary.

Consultation, examination treatment – £55.00
Follow up treatment – £45.00

Nutritional Therapy

I believe that the best results from a Nutritional Therapy programme are gained from working together over a period of time. 

Option 1                                              £295.00

This is an initial 90 minute consultation plus two 45 minute follow up consultations, a full report with recommendations, and email support for six weeks.


Option 2                                             £395.00

This is an initial 90 minute consultation, plus three 45 minute follow ups, a full report of findings and recommendations, weekly email support for 8 weeks and three 20 minute Skype or Zoom support calls.

A single 90 minute consultation is £135.00 and 45 minute follow up is £90.00.

Email me at if you would like a free 20 minute chat about how I can help you.


I require 48 hour cancellation notice, otherwise the full fee will be payable.