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Ian Banton


Sports Massage


I studied at the Oxford School of Sports Massage and am BTEC level 5 certified. I am qualified in a range of techniques including; tapotement, friction, soft tissue release (STR), muscle energy techniques (MET), myofascial release, neuromuscular techniques (NMT). I may use one or more of these techniques during a treatment in order to assist in rehabilitation of an injury or promote relief from various strains and pains one may have.

As a part of the initial treatment a full assessment of the condition presented will be carried out along with a full medical history; together these will be used to create a treatment plan that will be discussed and agreed upon before treatment begins. Regular reviews of the treatment plan will occur as time goes on. Every treatment will be individually tailored to suit each client based on his or her needs and goals.

Cost of treatment:


60 minute appointment: £40


3 X appointment = £105 (appointment can be used within 6 months of payment)


Credit/Debit Cards Accepted (via iZettle App)

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